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     Born in Jerusalem, Yair Hod Fainas creates violins, violas and cellos in the heart of Paris France. Instruments of his are owned and played by renowned soloist musicians and principle players in the world’s leading orchestras.

      Since an early age Yair was enthralled by music.  At the age of 17 he made the decision to build quartet instruments as a profession and his life became intertwined with music and musicians ever since. He started his apprenticeship in Israel with master violin maker Gregory Shteinas and then, after serving in the Israeli army, entered the famous national French violin making school, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, in Mirecourt, where he obtained a "Diplôme de métier d'Art" (summa cum laude).    

    Creating a transparent and easy conduit for the musician’s expressiveness being his highest objective Yair offers only empirically tested models.  His historically inspired instruments and personal models were certified and formed in the crucible of the concert hall.