Selection of artists who chose Yair Hod Fainas Instruments

Alena Baeva, violin soloist

"Thank you, Yair, for this fantastic instrument I am playing on for last two years. I have got more "which violin is this" questions and more compliments than while playing some extraordinary Strads and Guarneris. I never believed in those blind tests, because in most cases the good player could differ old instrument from recent, and never was fond of modern instruments, at least for playing - until the cup was full and finally I saw this violin..."

  Alena Baeva

Alena playing the Tchaikovsky violin concerto with the Mariinsky Orchestra on a YHF violin


Alexandre Baev, 2nd concertmaster at the Radio Philharmonic orchestra of the Netherlands

Guillaume Chilemme, Concertmaster of Auvergne national orchestra

Solvejg Maedler, Concertmaster at Heidelberg Philharmonic orchestra

Fernand Iaciu, Concertmaster of Lille National Orchestra

Jan Orawiec, Violin Soloist

Judith Ingolfsson, Violin soloist, Professor at Peabody institute

Sayaka Kinoshiro, Concertmaster at Kuopion symphony orchestra

Jae-won Lee, assistant principal of the second violin section at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

"It has been a few years now that I know the work of Yair Hod Fainas. A number of my acquaintances play his instruments and I was always impressed by the quality of his work.  At first when I tried my Violin it was pure curiosity which was quickly transformed into a vivid interest to the point I could not separate from it anymore. The liberty of expression that the instrument gives me together with its rich pallet of sound colors makes my life as a violinist more passionate and joyful. Thank you Yair for this masterpiece!"

Misako Akama, Concertmaster at the Belgian National Orchestra

Jae Won Lee, assistant principal of the 2nd violin section at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Enosh Kofler, Violinist at the Israeli Philharmonic

Laure Franz, Violinst at the  Orchestra of the French Republican Guard (Orchestre de la Garde républicaine)

Ivan Perčević, violin solo at Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Liege

Semion Gavrikov, violin solo at Luxembourg philharmonic orchestra

Pierre Fouchenneret, Violin Soloist

Claire Aladjem, Second soloist at the "Orchestre philharmonique des Pays de la Loire"

Marion Delorme Violinist at the Goldoni string quartet

Sara Isabelle IspasStudent at the International Menuhin Music Academy

Coline Rigot, Violinist at  Les Colporteurs

Alexandra Conunova, Violin Soloist

  Jan Orawiec Violin Soloist, Concertmaster at "Les Siècles" orchestra, Paris

"I've had the great pleasure of playing on a Yair Hod Fainas violin for the past 6 years. This instrument has been a unique discovery for me. This instrument, with which I have a very intense relationship, seduces me with its enchanting depth and the rich clarity of its sound, of which I will never grow tired. The aesthetic appearance of an instrument is also very important for a musician and it's always a pleasure to open the case."

"J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à jouer depuis 6 ans le violon de Yair Hod Fainas. Cet instrument fut une véritable révélation pour moi. J'ai une relation très intense avec ce violon qui me séduit par sa profondeur envoutante et la grande clarté de sa sonorité dont je ne me lasserai jamais. L'aspect esthétique est également très important pour un musicien et c'est toujours un grand plaisir pour moi d'ouvrir la boite."

Ryoko Yano, Sencond Soloist of 1st violins, Luxembourg philharmonic orchestra

Igor Pollet, concertgebouw violin academy

Brenda Fraisier,  1st violin section at Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlinge

Alena Baeva, Violin soloist

Hagar Maoz,  Violinist at the Hamelin Flute Quartet and the Revolution Orchestra

Alfredo AncilloViolinist at Cuarteto Matrice and supporting player in Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid (Royal Theater opera)

Jules Dussap, 2nd violin of the Hanson Quartet

Aviel Sulem, Violinist at the Israeli Chamber Orchestra

Mirabelle Gilis, Violonist, multi instrumentaliste et compositrice

Esther Singier, Orchestra academy at Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

Benjamin Charmot, Violinist at Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire

Thiery Koehl, Violinst at Lille National Orchestra

Ryoko Yano, assistant principal  at the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra

"This violin is simply the refined essence of contemporary violin making, combining aesthetics, nuances, colors, warmth and power of sound together with total balance. It allows to easily adjust between a chamber music type of playing and as a soloist." 

 "Ce violon est tout simplement la quintessence de la lutherie contemporaine.
Alliant esthétique, nuances, couleurs, chaleur et puissance de son avec un équilibre absolu, il permet aisément de parfaire un jeu de musique chambre, ainsi qu’un jeu de soliste."


Yasin Gündisch, Academist at Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

Stuttgart Hochschule, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart

Martine Schouman, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

Sergey Tarashchansky, Principle viola in Takarazuka orchestra Japan

Nicolas Galière, Simon Quartet

Adrien Boisseau, Former Ebene quartet member

"My beautiful viola has arrived! Yair Hod Fainas has made another fabulous instrument."

Judith Ingolfsson (Concert Violinist, Professor - University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart)

Henri Vieuxtemps Viola Sonata op. 36 - Andante con moto

Darija Kozlitina, Basel Symphony orchestra

Marie Legendre, Le concert de la Loge

Judith Ingolfsson, Violin/Viola soloist, Professor at Peabody institute

Sarah Teasdale, The Shepherd School of Music

Mikel Rollet ,The Juilliard School

Gabrielle Lafait, Hanson quartet

Emil Rovner Concert Cellist, Professor -  University of Music "Carl Maria von Weber" Dresden

Approximately 8 years ago a colleague of mine told me about a cello maker called Yair Hod Fainas who makes wonderful cellos and lives in Paris. At that time I was actively looking to buy a new instrument and this information aroused my curiosity. After testing the new cello of Yair Hod Fainas at the big hall of the Philharmonie in Berlin I was immediately fascinated by the sonority of this instrument. I had the impression that that the cello and I had known each other for a long time and that I did not feel the distance one often feels when playing on a new instrument. The first impression was confirmed by the following. The more I play on the instrument by Yair Hod Fainas the more satisfied I am from this magnificent instrument which permits me to express multitudes of sonorities from the most powerful to the softest nuances. Thank you, Yair, for this masterpiece!


Dmitri Atapine,
Cello Soloist and professor at the University of Nevada, Reno

Dimitri Masslennikov, Cello soloist

Sanam Gharachehdaghi, Cello soloist and composer

Angel Legasa, Trio Sōra

Jasen ChelfiPrincipal cello at the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and Zagreb Soloists

Simon Dechambre, Hanson Quartet

Sebastien Hurtaud, Cello Soloist

Dimitri Maslennikov, Cello Soloist

"... During my search for perfection I became acquainted with the big schools of  ancient violin makers. I had played instruments made by Francesco Ruggieri, Mateo Goffrieller, David Tecchler, Gennaro and Nicolo Gagliano. At the moment I play a cello made by Yair Hod Fainas, because in this instrument I found something magical that I had never felt before...

Dimitri Maslennikov Rococo variations with the Deutsches Symphonie Orhestra on a YHF Cello

Marc-Didier Thirault, Cello Professor at "Haute école des arts du Rhin, pole supêrieur (HEAR) - Strasbourg"

Miwa Rosso, Principal cello at the BBC Concert orchestra

Romain Chauvet, Cello professor at Goussainville conservatory

Musique & Vin au Clos Vougeot, Instrumental Fund

Lydie Lefebvre, Professor at the Chalon-sur-Saône conservatory

Pauline Lacambra, Ensemble Kyrielle

Samuel Avram, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Emil Rovner, Concert Cellist, Professor -  University of Music "Carl Maria von Weber" Dresden

Stéphanie Aho, Cello Professor and member of Arsis quartet at the Reunion island.

Hanson Quartet

2nd Violin, Viola and Cello by Yair Hod Fainas

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